Saturday, October 19, 2013

#1 Fan

I was invited by a few students to come and watch their soccer game today. I knew it'd be difficult on a Saturday to make it, but I really wanted to be there. I want my students to know that I support them in the four walls of our classroom, as well as outside of our classroom.

Last year, I was privileged to attend a soccer game, a basketball game, and a musical/play. I unfortunately missed out on a concert and a dance recital last year, but hopefully those students have forgiven me!

Today, I made it out to not only watch one student of mine play, but SEVEN students happened to be on the same team! One couldn't play due to a recovery, but even he came out to cheer on his team! And it was cold today! I thought I'd be okay in my vest, but I should have brought a sweatshirt or my winter jacket! Brr!

Unfortunately, today was not a winning game day, but it was so fun to go out and cheer for my students in a different way. Hopefully, they know how much I care about them and want them to succeed in all arenas of their life!

Here's to many more "games" that I hope you win!


Your #1 Fan

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