Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Open House Update

Phew! I always stress out about getting my room perfect before Open House and this year was no different! But this year I had a lot more anxiety than I normally do and at 4:30pm, I started feeling that my room was missing something. It was missing that spark that I normally feel...almost like a sense of completion. But families would be coming in soon and I wouldn't be able to do much to fix the uncertainty I felt.

As soon as 5:30 hit, I realized what I was missing: the community of learners...my students. I know it sounds cliche, but welcoming the families really made the room feel better.

I'm excited for what this new school year will bring and so happy to have the students I have. Here's to a great 2014-2015 school year!

We had a station where students built a representation of themselves with only 20 Legos!

We also had a station where students wrote an "I am" poem. And there was another station where students wrote their names and numbers on an index card to go on their crate!

And a photo booth, of course!

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