Tuesday, May 6, 2014


We are totally having fun with Legos in Science!

We are actually dabbling in stop motion videos and I am so excited to share the most recent ones that they will be presenting tomorrow. We are not professionals (yet) at making stop motion videos, but we are learning quite a bit!

The question students had to research prior to creating a presentation was:

Is life sustainable on other planets? (Could life be sustainable on other planets?)

Students had to research (in teams) the planet that was chosen at random for them (I love the random team generator website we use for almost everything!). They were to find out if life was sustainable on their planet and find a way to present their findings. Of course, most of the students chose to make a stop motion video!

Here are some of the videos that my students created today!

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  1. Holy Cow 5th grade! I love love love your videos! What a great way to show your understanding!