Saturday, March 29, 2014

Math Journals!

Math has been a struggle this year. So as I thought about what my students needed, I thought about last year. What was I doing differently this year that might be affecting the learning?

And with that came an "AHA!" I wasn't using a math notebook as I normally do! So, even as late as we are in the year (Quarter 4 to be exact), I introduced math notebooks to my friends! On the left side of the page, we write down: 1) Learning Goal (before the lesson), 2) What I Know (before the lesson), 3) What I Learned (after the lesson), 4) Proof (after the lesson), and 5) Reflection (after the lesson).

The Proof is something that they have to prove based on what the lesson was that day. For example, "Show the differences between a polygon, a nonpolygon, and a regular polygon." Students would then have to either draw or write the differences between these three categories. Reflections will help students reflect on the process as well as some content!

Here are some student examples!

Hopefully taking notes and making foldables will help students remember the knowledge/skills learned!

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