Monday, August 19, 2013

Open House Photo Booth

It is the night before school and I am...blogging? Whoa, this must be the new Mrs. Hong. :) Last year, I would have just called it a night and gone to bed! I am tired now that I think about it...

So as I am trying to review my plan for the first day of school, I can't stop looking at the pictures from Open House on Thursday and giggle to myself. It makes me realize that we need a little bit (okay, a lot!) of fun in school every day!

Back up...what pictures? Wellllllll...I set up a photo booth in Room 201 for Open House 2013-2014! I set up an area in the front of my classroom and made some awesome props to provide some fun while meeting families. I think I had the most fun of all!

I will post some pictures of my students, once I know who can/cannot be posted, but for now...I will leave you with a few with some adults in 5th grade and a principal from Robinson...

A shout out to my husband, who laboriously taped letters and was reprimanded when his lines weren't straight or thick enough... :) Thank you, Mr. Hong! You are the most supportive husband a teacher could ask for!

And so with these goofy pictures, I think about the students and families I've met and cannot wait to start the school year tomorrow!


  1. Awesome! I totally agree...we all need to have more fun each and everyday in our classrooms! Remember to laugh and the rest will work itself out.

  2. Awesome! I totally agree...we all need to laugh more in our classrooms. If we laugh a little each day everything else will work itself out. Have a great year.

    1. Thanks! I hope you have a great year as well!