Monday, April 1, 2013


As we approached the end of our Science Living Systems unit, I wanted to incorporate what Jen was doing with her class. So, we wrapped up the GLAD [Guided Language Acquisition Design] portion of learning and applied all the information we acquired into the WebQuest Jen had created in one of her graduate courses in technology.

I already love teaching science because of the GLAD strategies I get to use, but the addition of the WebQuest has made my love for teaching science even greater! Why? Because this is what I saw:
As this was a partner project, I saw students using iPads to collaborate, research, and imagine an animal based on what they learned in terms of classification and dichotomous keys. They were creating a presentation using Keynote or ActivInspire, while brainstorming on paper and pencil and watching videos on BrainPop. I mean, there was some serious learning going on in here and the students were taking responsibility for it! I wish I had taken pictures of the final product instead of just the process because it was evident to me that the students had learned the knowledge and were able provide evidence of that learning.

How do you incorporate WebQuests or technology into your classroom? I'd also love to hear if you incorporate Project Based Learning because I'd love to learn how to do more of that!

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